1st Principles: What is Prevention?

published by: Alec One

What is the purpose of Renegade health:

  • ​Prevention focused. 
  • Building a culture who thinks about prevention.
  • Prevention​ is something done at the level of the indivdual. 

What is social isolation?

  • The most common illness in America is “isolation.”

What is emotional pain?

  • Emotional pain is an important factor in driving emotional well being.  

How can you proactively cultivate emotional well being?

  • Connect with others socially.
  • Do sh*t together that is fun.

What is social Isolation?

Science already shown ways to prevent social isolation. 

Deploy community building apps for health and wellness:

Connect with others to help build the well being and the ultimate health of the group or community. 

We have the power to heal based on the power to connect. 

If love and compassion are our oldest medicines; then everyone has the ability to prescribe and help. (Inspired by US Surgeon General Dr Vivek H Murthy)

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